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It’s been a devastating start to the year for many Australians who’ve had to fight bushfires to protect their family homes and businesses; and tragic for those who’ve either lost their homes or loved ones. Our wildlife have perished too.

It’s during these challenging times when the Australian spirit of generosity and care shines through, providing hope to the nation and those heavily impacted.

Our CEO Jo Toohey said, “Everyone is feeling the devastation and catastrophic impact that the bushfires have had on our families and communities.  “As an organisation, we’ve also reached out to the Commonwealth, State and National Disability Insurance Agency, to offer whatever assistance we can to help other organisations who are in areas affected by bushfires. “We will continue to look at what we can do to assist communities as we move forward,” said Jo.

How can you help 

According to the NSW Office of Emergency Management, cash through registered funds and official appeals is the best way to help. 

If anyone would like to make a donation the following are suggestions that you may like to consider:

If you would like to help our native animals, the RSPCA and WIRES are both playing significant roles on the ground.