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Together we can make sure every young person receives the right support at the right time, so they can grow up healthily, happily and safely.

Late last year, Youth Action NSW released their report ‘A NSW for Young People: Beyond 2019’. They showed that there are many young people who consistently do not get the support they need, or who do not have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Now, Youth Action NSW are calling on the incoming NSW government to make fundamental changes and ensure that every young person has the best possible chance to succeed in life:



  • Reintroduce real representation of young people in parliament 
    There should be a Minister for Young People in Cabinet to represent the specific needs of young people and ensure young people are part of government decision-making.
  • Improve mental health outcomes for young people
    Young people are particularly at risk of poor mental health. We need more resources in place, so we can respond more quickly and effectively.
  • Protect young people and those leaving care in NSW to grow up healthily, happily and safely
    The number of children and young people in NSW entering care is increasing. Young people who leave care have significantly poorer outcomes and we must take steps to rectify this.
  • Achieve excellent and affordable post-school pathways
    Accessibility, affordability and lack of information are just some of the barriers that prevent young people from getting into post-secondary education. We must address these barriers and make further education more accessible to a diverse range of young people.
  • Change the story on youth unemployment
    We need clear pathways into sustained employment so that young people can develop their skills and attain financial security, independence, wellbeing and a sense of belonging.
  • Make NSW a safe state for young people
    Young people represent one of the best opportunities to break the cycle of domestic violence. We need to invest in services to support young people and change negative attitudes about relationships and gender. 
  • Keep young people out of prison and make sure it is safe for young people
    A review of the youth justice system has found the health and wellbeing of young people has been put at risk. We must do more to address the root causes of contact with the justice system, intervene to prevent young people from entering detention, and protect those who have been detained.  
  • Resource a joined-up NSW Youth Development sector to be accessible to all young people
    Many young people need additional support to reach their full potential, and to overcome challenges like homelessness, unemployment, education, and strained family relationships or breakdowns.

    The youth support sector provides services to protect and support young people, but the majority of services are working at capacity and are unable to meet demand. This needs to change.

As a proud member of the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition, The Benevolent Society supports efforts to ensure that children, young people and their families receive the right support at the right time, so they can grow up healthily, happily and safely.

Please join us in asking NSW political parties to make NSW a better place for young people.

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