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The Benevolent Society started providing supports to Tracey’s son Finn in early 2017. In the time that has passed, Tracey outlines the changes that have not only occurred with her son but her outlook on life.

“When Finn was born, he was very different from my 2 older boys. I had a gut feeling straightaway there was something about him that was very different. He was very quiet and was hard to settle – he was always a very unsettled baby.

When he wasn’t reaching his milestones, that’s when I was asking questions at my appointments with GPs. It took quite a while before he was tested.
So, Finn was officially diagnosed with Mowat-Wilson Syndrome when he was 3, so December 2016. And then 9 months later he was diagnosed with severe autism. It was huge at the time to find out that Finn was going to need lifelong support.

However, once he was diagnosed, that’s when I got in touch with The Benevolent Society, and it became a lot easier to get help that he needed. Pretty much all the support that Finn needs we get from The Benevolent Society. They’ve been amazing to us. Finn has therapy basically daily.” I think the biggest support is empowering me to be the best advocate for Finn.

The types of assistance I get from the staff with The Benevolent Society is constant support. I have a really close relationship with Finn’s team, he’s got a team of people. They go above and beyond for me. I can email them about anything, and they are very proactive.

I’m happier, not as stressed out as I used to be, because I feel that I’m getting the support to get through the days which then leads on to weeks."

Finn’s happier, he’s making huge gains with the support he’s getting. And because of this, he’s happier, and the whole family’s happier.

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