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Empowering Parents and Families

Through years of experience, The Benevolent Society knows that family life can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time and that is why we are here to support parents from the conception of the first child until when children leave home. Our dedicated and highly skilled staff are there for you when parenting challenges arise.

The Benevolent Society provides a wide range of services and programs like parenting support and skills coaching, targeted and intensive family support, life skills support, specialist mental health and wellbeing services, counselling, domestic and family violence prevention and specialist post-adoption support.

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The Early Years

It is important that all children get the best start in life.  At The Benevolent Society, we provide playgroups and supported playgroups for all kinds of kids from early childhood to kindergarten. For example, we work with premature babies and their parents, younger children with behavioural problems and children living with a disability to develop skills to help live their best lives.

Our Early Years Centres

Our Early Years Centres are one-stop-shop supporting the varying needs of families and their children from conception, with prenatal services, through to free drop-in infant health checks, playgroups, cooking with kids classes, baby massage, toy libraries, immunisation clinics, parenting support and quality kindergartens.

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Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures builds the resilience of vulnerable families with young children so they can live safely in their homes. The program delivers voluntary early intervention services to families with children who are at high risk of child safety involvement. Families with a child under 9 years old or families with a new child on the way can access parenting education, practical and structured in-home support, as well as help from specialised staff to prevent challenges like domestic violence, alcohol and drug misuse and parental mental health issues from reaching crisis point.

Intensive Family Support

These services are designed to provide more intensive support to families and children, where there is a risk of the children entering Out of Home Care. Practitioners work in partnership with the parents/carers to develop support plans to address the safety concerns and enhance protective factors in the family so children can remain at home.

Family Referral Service

The Family Referral Service in NSW assists and supports parents, children, young people and families to access the right support services in their local area. The objective is to prevent difficult situations from escalating to a crisis point.

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Centre for Women’s, Children’s and Family Health

At our Centre we have a range of therapeutic interventions and services which support women, children and families to enhance health and wellbeing outcomes. The Centre offers integrated support services including crisis intervention, particularly where the family is experiencing domestic violence, family and individual counselling, family therapy, psycho-education, case management, therapeutic childcare, groups and community education services focussed in empowering and supporting women to take the first step to change their lives.


The Benevolent Society runs a headspace program that provides clinical support to young people suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Reach Out Parent Coaching

Reach-out Parent Coaching is a joint early intervention program between Reach Out Parents and The Benevolent Society. Practitioners coach parents over the phone and through an interactive online dashboard to help them find positive ways to support teenagers and strengthen their relationship.

They Shack Youth Services

The Shack is a program designed to provide support to adolescents who are transitioning to high school and a range of activities and programs to build their self-esteem, health and school participation.

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Family Mental Health Support Service

The Benevolent Society provides intensive, long-term and early intervention services to vulnerable children and young people who are at risk of, or affected by, mental illness and their families, via child-centred therapeutic individual counselling and family therapy. 

Out of home care

Our Fostering Young Lives program recruits and trains foster carers who provide nurturing homes for children who are unable to live with their birth families.

Post Adoption Resource Centre and Post Adoption Support Queensland

The Post Adoption Resource Centre and Post Adoption Support Queensland services provide information, counselling, intermediary services, therapeutic groups and support to people affected by adoption in NSW, the ACT and QLD. Support is offered to people who have been adopted, parents, siblings, partners and others who have been separated from family by adoption.

They also provide services to professionals seeking a better understanding of the post-adoption experience. We know that no one is a perfect parent but with the right support, everyone can be a better parent. We are there to support all parents and carers.