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Improving outcomes with a new approach

We recognised the complexity families face when attempting to access services in Island communities, and realised something had to change to regain trust and increase engagement. By asking the community what they needed and reimagining our service delivery model, we’ve delivered improved outcomes for the South Moreton Bay Island people.

Supporting the South Moreton Bay Islands community

The South Moreton Bay Islands are a group of four inhabited islands — Karragarra, Lamb, Russell and Macleay — off the coast of South East Queensland, about an hour’s ferry ride from Stradbroke Island. There are just over 6000 permanent residents on these beautiful but isolated islands, with ferry the only way to get to the mainland.

Rebuilding services and trust

The people of South Moreton Bay Islands contend with isolation, expensive travel to the mainland and difficulties accessing services. A lack of trust had developed between service providers and the community, resulting in less service visibility, disengagement and a stigma around asking for help.

Over the past 12 months, we have joined up our Child and Family and Clinical Nursing programs to work with the communities of Russell Island and Macleay Island, the largest and most populated islands in the group. Together, we have created a suite of services to meet the needs of the South Moreton Bay Island families.


Ashleigh providing advice for the locals on Macleay island

A hub for community connection and wellbeing

A new community hub, providing a Child and Family Practitioner, is available once a week. And a popular parenting group, Turning Chaos to Calm, is teaching parents and carers strategies to manage children’s challenging behaviour and strong emotions.

The Child and Family Clinical Nurse makes informal visits to the South Moreton Bay Islands Childcare Centre, creating a safe space for parents to ask questions and share concerns about their children. Having access to a qualified health nurse and opportunities to create social connection for parents and their children has created positive outcomes for all involved.

South Moreton Bay Island Locals providing their feedback

The Bringing Up Great Kids parenting group will start in the community in August 2019.

To find out more about Family and Parenting support services offered by The Benevolent Society, click here.