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Is your teenager going through a tough time? Are you unsure of how to help them through it?

We all know there’s no parenting manual, but if you need a hand guiding your teenager through a difficult time, we can help.

The ReachOut Parents Coaching Program

A collaboration between ReachOut Australia and The Benevolent Society, the ReachOut Parents Coaching Program builds skills and confidence to help mums and dads access their own parenting genius. Over the phone and online, the free government-funded program includes up to 4 sessions with a professional, experienced in supporting families. They work with parents and carers to find solutions and strategies to suit every unique family.

You are the expert on your family

The Benevolent Society believes in you as a parent. You know your child and your family situation better than anyone else. Our skilled practitioners will support you to:

  •        clarify your goals
  •        find solutions
  •        make a plan to move forward

Parents who have used the ReachOut Parent Coaching Program report feeling more confident, encouraged and supported about their parenting goals and experiences.

New ways to look at parenting: Sharon and Kayla

Sharon’s daughter Kayla had been deliberately left out by her friends online. Wanting to be included, Kayla was spending a lot of time trying to reconnect with her peers online. This had an impact on her self-esteem and wellbeing, and caused conflict between Sharon and Kayla.

ReachOut parenting coach encouraged Sharon to focus on what she could control. Rather than banning Kayla from the internet - an understandable reaction - she was coached to think about a solution that wouldn’t create more problems than it fixes.

Sharon helped her daughter re-engage with a sport she enjoyed, which resulted in new friendships and less interest in what her old friends were doing.

Setting goals for better relationships: Liam and Rob

Rob was looking to improve his relationship with his teenage son, Liam.

Things were tense at home, with most conversations ending in an argument. Liam was withdrawing from the family, spending most of his time in his room. Rob felt stuck - he wanted a better relationship but didn’t know how to get there.

ReachOut parenting coach helped Rob set goals around improving respectful conversation with Liam. Over 10 weeks, Rob worked with his coach to put some ideas in action. The tension eased and Liam reconnected with his family. Rob and Liam are now enjoying spending time together again.

Get in touch

Whatever is going on with your teenager, the ReachOut team can help you create a personalised action plan. Their sessions are free, private and available when it suits you.
Visit the ReachOut Parents Coaching website for more information.