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Annette was one of the first people to join our Post Adoption Resource Centre (PARC) program.

We supported her while she was looking for her mother, after the government changed the adoption laws in the early ’90s. This change opened adoption records, so that Annette could learn her mother’s name.

Recently, Annette spoke at one of the regular Connections Meetings that PARC organises for people who are affected by adoption, as a way for them to come together and share their experiences.

“I always knew I was adopted,” recalls Annette. “I’m a tall redhead, and my parents were lovely, but they looked very different. When the adoption laws changed I was 25, and I felt it was time to start looking for my mother.”

Annette sought support in her search and contacted PARC. The first step was to attend an information meeting to understand the process and find out how to go about it. We also provided intermediary services to assist Annette in finding and contacting her mother.

“There were small group sessions which focused more on how to deal with emotions. They were extremely helpful as it was all so new, and the support I received while looking for my mother was invaluable. Once I found her, I brought her to the meetings, too.”

Annette has had a great relationship with her mother since they connected with each other. She has remained involved in the PARC program on and off over the years, as she has felt the need to share her story.

More recently, Annette wanted to find her father and reached out to us again. This process is ongoing and again Annette has appreciated the support that PARC offers.

“My main piece of advice would be not to do it on your own. PARC has seen it all and they’re the experts, so use their expertise. The meetings are a great chance to speak to like-minded people and find kinship. Remember, you are not alone!”
 To learn more about the Post Adoption Resource Centre program click here or call us on 1800 236 762

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