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The Benevolent Society is the major sponsor for My Disability Matters (MDM), supporting this unique platform to grow and engaging people with a disability outside of our existing client network.

My Disability Matters is an innovative start-up social network for people with a disability, launched by vision-impaired entrepreneur Dale Reardon in 2016. The network is designed to provide a safe and accessible online environment for people with a disability, their carers, and families to share and gather information and build support networks.

In addition to being a major sponsor, we have a new online community within MDM for our Benevolent Society clients with a disability, their carers, and families. This online community 'The Benevolent Hive' provides new opportunities for our clients to access information and connect with our services and staff, and also connect with other clients, regardless of where they are located or whether they are a client of our Ageing, Disability or Child & Family Services.

Why do we need The Benevolent Hive?

The Benevolent Hive on MDM is a dedicated private community for clients of The Benevolent Society. This means that our clients can benefit from and participate in both The Benevolent Hive and the wider MDM Club.

The Benevolent Hive will be a place for our clients to meet new people, share and learn from others and discuss a wide range of topics – everything from light-hearted fun topics through to big issues.

We hope the online community will provide our clients with the community interaction and support they need – whether this is to create a meet up the group from the online community or create special interest groups within our online environment. We also hope our clients will be engaged with us enough to want to get involve in the initiatives we create – whether these are community events, or co-designing initiatives around new services.

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We have trained a cohort of moderators who will be keeping an eye on the conversations that our clients are having in The Benevolent Hive. Our current moderators are a mix of speech therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and case managers. They will ensure that any questions from clients are responded quickly and correctly.

Please feel free to join us, click here for your invite.