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The Benevolent Society is now partnering with Inclusive Directions to offer South Australian families so much more.

With Inclusive Directions’ focus on Early Intervention Therapy, and The Benevolent Society now extending these services to provide support for families and adults with disabilities. Together we can provide support that makes a real difference, like it did for Marcus.

“I want other families to how ABA works.” Ann, Grandmother and Primary Carer.

“Before we found Inclusive Directions, Marcus was completely non-verbal, avoided all eye contact and experienced daily ‘meltdowns.’ I could see Marcus’ future ahead of him and it was a very worrying picture.”

“ABA (Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention) at Inclusive Directions has changed everything. When Marcus was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) there were lots of opinions about the best way to help him, but ABA is the only one that is evidence based and actually gets tangible, life changing results.”


“After 6 months of ABA, Marcus has opened up to show us his beautiful little personality. He makes eye contact, he walks calmly and he enjoys focusing on tasks. ABA has given Marcus the tools he needs to regulate his behaviours.”

“If Inclusive Directions hadn’t helped me to advocate for Marcus’ support and secure the funding he needs for his therapy, I don’t know where we’d be today.”

Together, Inclusive Directions and The Benevolent Society are one of Australia’s largest disability providers. We’re dedicated to helping children, families and adults with disabilities in South Australia live their best life.


To find out more about child and teen therapies we offer in South Australia visit Inclusive Directions or call 1800 236 762.

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