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In July 2017 we proudly took over from the NSW Government, the provision of specialist services to people with a disability.  This allowed us to provide more disability services to a wider breadth of people living all across NSW. Over the last two years we have been transforming the disability operational model to ensure that we can continue to provide disability services across the breadth of NSW, now and into the future. 

What will change?

From early June, we will be implementing changes to our NSW specialist disability services. This will involve a reduction in staffing numbers and a merging of some offices. For the most part our services will continue unchanged and we will continue to service all of NSW and the ACT in the new operating model. What may change for a small number of clients is their individual therapist or Support Coordinator and potentially the office location they are working from. This change will be made over a number of months to ensure a smooth transition. This is vital, as we understand the importance our clients place on the direct relationship with our staff.

From August onward, we will be reducing our number of Nurses and will not have Therapy Assistants as part of the team. If you are currently receiving these services, we will be in contact to assist you to find the ongoing support you need.

A strong future for disability services in NSW

The Benevolent Society has an over 200 year history of supporting Australians and are fully committed to the provision of services to people with intellectual disabilities. This new operating model will ensure a strong future for disability services.

“We are committed to continuing our work with people with complex disabilities who often face enormous challenges.” Jo Toohey - CEO

We will continue to be a leading provider of specialist services to people with intellectual disabilities within NSW, Gold Coast, ACT and SA, under our new operating model.

The attached Client Bulletin and FAQs outline the changes, timings and contact details for more information. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, we would like to hear from you. Contact us at Disabilityclientinfo@benevolent.org.au or call us on 1800 236 762.