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What research is telling us about ageing well

One of our principles is to listen to our clients, because they’re central to everything we do.
Part of how we listen is research, and several recent studies on ageing and in home care provided insights across attitudes to ageing, planning to age, and how to provide meaningful support and services.

Here is a high-level snapshot of two recent research reports.


Planning to Age by Research for Good

Staying independent is the main aim

As our population ages, aged care services are shifting from something we need after a crisis to broader programs supporting good health and quality of life in senior years.
Retirement can be a new active phase of life, but it can be confronting and lonely. Not all retirees head off to travel the world, especially lower income earners worried their money will run out.

Research snapshot

• Accessing services is motivated by staying independent and avoiding downsizing
• People fear losing social and community connections
• Many people don’t want to retire so avoid planning for their future
• Most people are in denial that they might experience ill health as they age
• This is the first generation of tech savvy older Australians able to access services and information online – but it can be difficult to identify providers and what services they’re entitled to

Home Care Industry Study by Catalyst Research

In home care

Medical or mobility issues are the common triggers for people to look for in home care (IHC), and it’s through GPs that most people are referred for aged care assessment.

Research snapshot

• Choosing a provider: a wide range of services, an in home visit and quality of care are the most important factors
• Courtesy and reliability are important: people will change providers if staff are impolite or unreliable
• When deciding on a provider, people's first preference was a phone chat, the second preference was an in-home visit, followed by word of mouth recommendation

Insights like these help us understand what are our clients' wants and needs.

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