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Greenwood Cottage offers fun social activities for the over-65 community in the St. George area


Greenwood Cottage is a day centre based in Bexley that offers social opportunities for people in the St George area who are aged 65 and over. We provide people with a safe, friendly environment in which to form friendships and enjoy social interactions. Greenwood Cottage has been operating for 13 years and is very well-known in the community.

We offer a variety of social and community activities. These include outings such as museum and art gallery visits and fishing trips; guest speakers; gentle exercise; mind-stimulating activities including games, arts and crafts; and annual events and celebrations.

The program is supported by the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). Anyone in the community who is aged 65 and over and is socially isolated, has lost the confidence to go to community events on their own, or has mild memory loss and needs social and mental stimulation can access this service.

Older man fishing

A day out fishing by the water

Recently, a lively group spent a day out fishing. This fun social activity is enjoyed by Greenwood Cottage regulars a couple of times a year.

The group took a bus trip down to Gunnamatta Park at Cronulla. With the help of some friendly volunteer fisherman, everyone made their way down to the wharf around the salt water pool. The fisherman showed everyone how to bait their fishing rods and throw a line out into the bay.

It was a very enjoyable time for the participants. For some it was their first time fishing and for others it had been many years since their last fishing trip. Benevolent Society staff told us afterwards how much fun everyone had on the day.

“It was amazing to watch. One after the other, the clients felt the sensation of a nibble on their line, then a bite and then with help they reeled the line in to find a fish they had caught. As this is a catch and release program, the fish were unhooked and released back into the water. After fishing we all went back to the park for a picnic lunch and a cup of coffee before returning home. It was a great day out and we took lots of pictures to remember the precious moments.”

Greenwood Cottage operates on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Morning tea, hot lunch and dessert are provided, as is transport to and from the centre.